About us

The AB BREATHING INSTITUTE was founded as a result of our experience in using mandibular advancement devices to solve serious problems like sleep apnea and snoring, and because we know how important it is to breathe well.

At the AB BREATHING INSTITUTE, we have developed two patent-protected mandibular advancement devices that provide significant improvements over existing models. They are the result of a research and development process lasting more than ten years. The idea originated in the United States (Great Lakes Orthodontics, the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, New York) just as the development and research of mandibular advancement devices was at its peak. Since then, we have been perfecting MADs using the experience we have gained through clinical practice.

We are currently part of the Spanish Sleep Society (SES) and the Basque Health Cluster. We research the benefits of MADs and collaborate on projects with the University of the Basque Country (UPV). We work with hospital units in different autonomous communities that use MADs with patients undergoing treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea, patients with severe sleep apnea who have problems with CPAP treatment and use MADs out of necessity, and patients who are not candidates for surgery. We have achieved very positive results.

We have applied the latest technology and knowledge to design the device, equipping it with precision microsensors that can be used to collect data. We have also developed an antibacterial film that covers the mouth guard and its components.